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Fix Buffalo Problems

Many buffalo lawn owners coming to this site for information about lawn care for buffalo grass will be doing so mainly because they are having issue with one particular aspect of their buffalo grass which they cannot seem to fix.

While it is of course my sincere hope that most readers will find the answers to their questions and solutions to their buffalo grass problems on this specialised website, we understand that many people may still struggle with one problem which they cannot seem to overcome in their buffalo lawn.

Such things may be why their buffalo grass grows so fast, why their buffalo lawn seeds so much, why their buffalo lawn goes brown or even purple in the winter time, and the list of possible problems continues.

While good buffalo lawn care can indeed go a massive way to overcoming most problems in buffalo grass, in many cases the homeowner may have to accept that whatever is giving them the greatest concern may not have a remedy at all.

The reason for this is because each buffalo grass brand is different, lets take a look.

Not All Buffalo Grasses Are Created Equal

Herein may lay the answer to why you cannot get your buffalo lawn to grow in the way that you want, as in why it won't stay green in winter, or why it seeds heavily or why it grows fast.

All brands of buffalo grass can be very different.

After extensive study of Australia's most comprehensive buffalo grass research, we have found many massive differences between the grass types and how they each perform in different areas of quality.

Some grow really fast, some grow slower, some seed a lot, some seed less, some go brown over winter - while others stay green… these are just the plain facts… different brands of buffalo grass all have different strengths and weaknesses.

So if your buffalo lawn is brown every winter, regardless of the advice you follow, the tips and tricks you give to the lawn etc, it may just be that the brand of buffalo grass you are growing is predisposed to being brown in winter - year in and year out, and there's simply nothing which can be done to change this fact.

The same applies to the faster growing brands of buffalo grass, or the buffalo grasses which seed a lot, or seem to always be struggling with disease or weeds.

The buffalo grass you're growing in your yard may just be genetically predisposed to such problems, and as such we may eventually have to accept that the buffalo grass brand we have was not a good choice for us, and may not be a good grass for anyone else either.

Compare Buffalo Grass
- we can see by this photo of different buffalo grass brands growing side by side in identical conditions, that some buffalo grass types are far superior than other brands...
- notice the stunning quality of the grass in the front and in the right rear, compared to the heavy seeding, patchiness and poor quality of the other buffalo brands around them...
- the grass in center front is Palmetto, and its clear to see why we regard this grass as the best buffalo in Australia, directly behind Palmetto is a popular selling buffalo grass brand, full of seed heads, and behind that is another of the better selling buffalo grasses in Australia...


Where Can Homeowners Find The Truth About Buffalo Before The Buy

Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we could just visit a site, such as this one and find all the truth about the product we're looking for, and then go out and buy the best buffalo grass for our needs. A grass we know will perform well and won't run into so many problems which some lawn types can run into…

Sadly this is not the world we live in.

Even on this site, in our buffalo grass reviews we haven't been able to fully reveal all the strengths and weaknesses of the different buffalo grass brands. In fact, we've had to be very careful in just how much information we provide about buffalo grass brands and their performance.

Because, indeed, we do hold all the information about the quality of different buffalo grass brands, and we could indeed publish the list of the best and worst buffalo grasses in Australia.

In which case we would be sued within days by the owners of these buffalo grass brands.

Because behind each brand of buffalo grass, there is a corporation and men and women who own them, who's interest it is to sell as much of their grass as possible.

Not all grass companies in Australia are this ruthless, and we would never have dealings with any such people ourselves at any time or for any purpose, but some are… and we've witnessed them in action first hand ourselves - many times.

Despite this, we've done everything possible to steer homeowners in the right direction for buffalo grasses which perform well, and are of decent quality, although even in the brands we do cover - there can be huge differences in quality.


We've tried to explain in this article as to why some buffalo grasses simply will not perform the way we want them to. After we've exhausted all possible avenues of lawn care for buffalo grass, we may have to accept the fact that we bought a poor quality buffalo which may never perform as we like. And in saying that, it becomes a matter of either acceptance of the problem, or changing our turf type, which is entirely in the hands of the homeowner, and of which we can offer no advice on such personal preferences.

We've also tried to explain why it is so difficult to be assured that we are buying a high quality of buffalo grass which will most likely not experience any of the problems we've listed here as an example.

And if that weren't enough, we've also got the big advertising and marketing departments of some brands of buffalo grass, which we've witnessed putting masses of misinformation on the internet and in advertising which is not at all helpful for the homeowner either.

In the end, we've done the very best we can to provide high quality and highly accurate information about buffalo grasses online as we possibly can, and we trust the homeowner will do good research prior to their new buffalo lawn purchase to be sure they are buying the best buffalo grass they possibly can, and with as much knowledge as possible.

discussions & observations of buffalo lawns
the buffalo lawn care site
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