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Buffalo Grass Seeding

Buffalo Grass Going To Seed

If your Sir Walter or other Buffalo lawn is seeding, it can often come as quite a surprise to many people when the thick seed heads first appear. Providing the lawn is healthy, the seeding in any Buffalo lawn type will usually subside within 2-3 weeks, after which - the lawn will be back to normal again.

Mowing a seeding Buffalo lawn will become a little more difficult as the seed heads are very heavy, and will weigh down the lawn mower catcher considerably.

Looking more closely, the seeding in Buffalo grass can be both normal and abnormal. It will be quite normal for your Buffalo lawn to seed at least once, and occasionally twice per year.

However, Buffalo will also send out masses of seeds, for a longer period of time when the lawn is under heavy stress. So seeding can be a major indicator that something is wrong with our lawn care.

In these cases, we need to track down the problem and make adjustments where necessary.

How To Stop Seeding in Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass will most often seed under stress from either lack of water, or lack of nutrients, however, it may also be that the soil is compacted.

Examine which of these issues may be causing the stress to the Buffalo turf. Increase watering if necessary, and add some Wetting Agents to aid in the free flowing of water in the soil.

If you don't fertilise your Buffalo regularly, then it is time to begin, Buffalo loves it's nutrients, and will benefit greatly with a 2 monthly application of quality fertiliser. Compacted or clay soils should be repaired as soon as possible.

See also: Control seeding in Buffalo grass.

Seeding in Buffalo grass is quite unique amongst all the different lawn varieties, the seed heads appear as green or purple thick spikes which stick out of the Buffalo grass. These seed stalks are rather rigid and pointy at the top, often making our Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn… not so soft anymore, and rather uncomfortable underfoot.

A close examination of the stalks will reveal a bunch of very tiny seeds which are attached to the top tip of the seed head.

Can I Grow A New Lawn From Buffalo Lawn Seeds

No. All buffalo grasses are notoriously difficult to grow from seed, so the only way to grow new Buffalo lawns is with the use of Runners, plugs, or new roll on lawn.

care and maintenance of buffalo lawns
the buffalo lawn care site
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the buffalo lawn care site

Buffalo Lawn Care

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