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Buffalo Grass Runners

If you're considering establishing your new Buffalo grass lawn from runners and have already decided against using the easier method of Lawn Plugs, then you will next need to track down enough quality Buffalo runners to get the job done.

Buffalo grass runners can be sourced in a number of ways.

Buying Buffalo Lawn Runners From Turf Farms

Some turf farms will sell Buffalo Grass Runners as a cost effective option to homeowners. The runners are often sold in large bags and are relatively easy for the homeowner to transport after purchase.

Buying Buffalo grass runners from turf farms is a very good decision. The homeowner is assured that they are getting the Buffalo grass type which they have researched and decided on, also the purchaser can be assured they are receiving a quality product from a reputable business.

The other great thing about buying your runners from a turf farm is that you can ask for some planting and lawn care advice while you're at the farm.

Taking Buffalo Lawn Runners From Roll On Sod

The homeowner can simply buy a lesser amount of new roll on Buffalo grass from the turf farm and then break the rolls into smaller pieces and plant them apart from each other. This will greatly reduce the cost, but will still take longer to establish the lawn than if the entire lawn area were covered at once.

There is more hard work involved with this method, as it will require the homeowner to use a sharp serrated knife to cut the turf rolls into smaller pieces. It may not seem difficult, but it is hard physical work when the process needs to be repeated and is far more time consuming when accompanied by the planting process as well.

Asking Friends For Lawn Runners

Taking lawn runners from a friend's Buffalo grass lawn may seem free, and it may also seem an easy option to remove some lawn runners which have overgrown a little, but there are serious drawbacks.

First, you want to be very sure that your friend is growing a quality variety of Buffalo, because you don't want to end up with a poor Buffalo lawn once it's established, and then have to start all over again by first removing the unwanted lawn. So you can research the best buffalo lawn as much as you like, but you will lose all choice by just grabbing some runners from a mate.

Secondly is that it would be very unlikely that your friend has enough runners to plant a new Buffalo lawn, you don't want to only plant a few runners and then wait 3 years for coverage.

Last of all is that you will not get the lawn establishment advice which a turf farm that sells quality Buffalo lawn runners will be happy to provide to you. After all, it's in their best interest to ensure you have the greatest success possible with their grass type.

care and maintenance of buffalo lawns
the buffalo lawn care site
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the buffalo lawn care site

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