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Mow Buffalo Short

Buffalo grass must be mowed at the right heights to ensure our turf remains in the best condition possible. Most lawn types will suffer poor health when mowed at heights which are very short, and this is most certainly the case when proper lawn care practices are not followed when maintaining the lawn at these low heights.

Can Buffalo Grass Ever Look Like A Bowling Green

As homeowners we can look upon those beautiful flat surfaces of lush bowling greens and often long for the same turf quality on our own home lawns too. There are several problems with wanting these things for any home lawn, and most especially buffalo grass.

In order to keep lawns at such low heights a lawn will need very careful management practices, of fertilising, mowing every few days, very deep watering, lawn nutrient management, and disease control. For without this very careful management of these bowling greens they would fall into very bad health very quickly just from being kept at those low heights.

As homeowners, none of us can ever manage our lawns to the high standard of quality which is required of bowling greens, so we can see a mismatch developing here, that without following those same lawn care practices but by mowing our lawns at such low heights, we are going to run into major problems with our lawn, especially buffalo grass.

Buffalo grass can never look like a bowling green, its simply the wrong grass!

Mowing Buffalo Grass Too Low

Buffalo grass runs into major problems when cut at very low heights. Those bowling greens we just mentioned are all grown with Couch, not Buffalo, and when we attempt to keep buffalo at these low heights we're going to have very big problems.

Buffalo grass mowed too short will:

  • develop its thatch layer much faster, especially when grown in full sun
  • develop its thatch layer much thicker, especially when grown in full sun
  • will be in very poor health and susceptible to disease and pest invasions
  • will lose much of its shade tolerance due to lack of green leaf

These are all very serious problems for buffalo grass, and the difference between two neighbouring lawns grown side by side with one cut at 12mm and one cut at 40mm is massive. The buffalo lawn with longer leaf and cut at higher heights will always be greener and more lush, and be far more shade tolerant, and more resistant to weeds, pests and diseases than the lawn cut at the lower height.

Even if one lawn is cut so low with a cylinder mower to achieve these low heights and that flat bowling green look, that same lawn will always be naturally browner, requiring more water and fertiliser, and will have that flat look sitting on top of inches of buffalo lawn thatch. I've seen this same thing hundreds of times. Thick ugly buffalo grass thatch with a flat look. Such lawns can barely be called lawns any more, but rather just a pile of thatch where the lawn should be.

And the problem with these lawns is that once they get to this state, there's nothing that can be done to save the lawn. cutting into that thick thatch will only kill the lawn. Whereas with a buffalo lawn mowed at correct heights - the lawn owner can occasionally and safely cut lower into the thatch once or twice a year to control thatch without any major issues arising.

Mowing Buffalo Grass Properly

30 to 50 mm is the correct height for buffalo grass, and buffalo should never be maintained at such low heights of 12 mm with cylinder mowers or with rotary mowers.

Pay close attention to mowing at the correct height and be assured of a much healthier buffalo grass lawn all year round, and for many more years into the future too.

So if you own a buffalo lawn, and this message is most important to the people of Perth who mow their lawns so low, please switch to mowing your lawn at a correct heights as soon as possible, to achieve the very best buffalo lawn possible, which remains in the very best health possible.

correct lawn mowing buffalo lawns
the buffalo lawn care site
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the buffalo lawn care site

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