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Killing Ants In Buffalo Lawns

Ants can quickly cause havoc in buffalo lawns when their numbers begin to spiral out of control. Ants will often bring damage to the turf by creating many nests across the lawn which brings soil to the surface, and which often leads to poor lawn health and thinning out of the grass in the affected area.

Once ants are in the lawn, they will also begin spreading and affecting surrounding pathways and paving, as well as the edges of lawns especially, at which time they become a real problem due to the ongoing mess their nests create, and over time will lead to undermining the sandy base underneath the paving, which can then lead to uneven paving.

So lets get on top of ants as quickly as possible and before they get out of control.

Killing Ants In Buffalo Grass

Killing ants in lawns is a relatively easy and straight forward process, and there are many different options to choose from.

There are many different types of ant dusts, as well as sticky sweet liquids which are applied around ant nests, all of which contain a mild poison used to kill the ants. They are all fairly easy to use and can provide decent results.

Be sure to read and follow manufacturers recommendations for proper safety and greatest success rates in killing ants in buffalo lawns.

Organic Control Of Ants In Buffalo Lawn

An simple organic recipe can be used to kill ants very effectively using a mix of borax, sugar and water, the mixture is then placed in small amounts in bottle caps of other very small shallow containers and placed near the ant nests. The ants drink the liquid and then die.

Just be sure to follow proper safety precautions with using borax.

For more information on this ant killing recipe, see the full article available on The Lawn Guide - Organic Ant Control Recipe

Natural Ant Repellents

An ant repellent will differ from ant killers as the main purpose of these products is to repel ants away from the infected area, and not to kill them. The most common and easy to use ant repellents can be as simple as citrus juice, such as lemon, as well as vinegar.

A mildly diluted vinegar or citrus mix is then liberally applied around the nests of the ants, thus forcing them away to make a new home elsewhere.

Black or Cayenne pepper are good ant repellents, as are products such as coffee powder, and even cinnamon (minus the sugar of course).

Obviously, the only downside to using an ant repellent is that the ants may just move from one side of your buffalo lawn over to the other side, so we should first decide whether an ant repellent is really the best option to utilise to control ants in lawns.

Ant repellents are probably best used for very small ant populations, or in combination with ant killer sprays, dusts or liquids.

Baby powder is often used as an effective barrier around doorways or any other entry points to the home if ants are finding their way inside the house.

Combining Ant Treatments For Greatest Results

Killing Ants In Buffalo Lawns

Over the years I've seen many people struggle and struggle against ants in their lawns… for some, the battle never seems to end. They put down the dusts, and sprays and so forth, use the garden hose in the ant nests, and all to no avail it seems.

So whats the solution then, why can't these people kill the ants in their home lawns?

The main problem here is that most people's attention to their ant problem is sporadic, they apply some treatments, forget about it, and then may notice in a month or two that the ants are still there.

While the homeowner may have killed many ants, the same population just bred some more ants to replace them, and so rebuilt their colony very quickly, and so they are still there.

Besides that, some ant treatments just will not kill all the ants in a nest, especially if we're not being proactive in our treatments.

In such cases it would be wise to develop a plan to check on the ant control every weekend until the problem is solved. Always staying on top of things until the ants are gone for good.

It may also be a good idea to mix ant treatment types. Not by applying all sorts of products at the same time, but by using a single method for a couple of weeks, and then perhaps changing methods for the next couple of weeks, using an ant deterrent in surrounding areas and so forth.

So the key to effectively killing ants in buffalo lawns, or any other lawns for that matter, is vigilance, patience and perhaps trialling a few different methods until all ants are gone for good.

managing and controlling pests in buffalo lawns
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