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Control Buffalo Grass Seed

As outlined in our article Seeding In Buffalo Lawns, there are several negative side effects which occur when Buffalo grass goes to seed. The main concerns are that the lawn becomes uncomfortable for people and pets to walk on, that the lawn no longer looks it's best, and that the catcher on the lawn mower suddenly becomes much heavier when mowing a seeding Buffalo lawn.

However, these side effects of seeding in Buffalo grass can be lessened and reduced considerably with a few changes to our lawn care routines during these periods, as well as throughout the year.

While lawn seeding is quite normal and to be expected, the seeding period and it's severity can be greatly reduced with good lawn care practices. This is mainly due to the fact that any lawn will go to seed more often and with greater severity if it is under stress through conditions such as lack of water or nutrients.

Year-round Lawn Care

Good lawn care throughout the year will naturally reduce the severity and occurrence of seeding in your Buffalo grass. These things mainly include adjusting watering for the seasons, watering only in the mornings, applying quality fertilisers throughout the year, as well as regular lawn mowing.

These same year-round lawn care practices can also be applied whenever a Buffalo lawn is going to seed, and will reduce the length of time that seeding occurs.

Things To Do When Buffalo Lawns Begin Seeding

Just be aware that these lawn care practices will not stop a lawn from seeding altogether, nor suddenly, but they will help in reducing the length of time that the lawn does seed.

On first signs of seeding, apply these lawn care tips to your Buffalo lawn:

Fertilising: - apply a good quality lawn fertiliser to the lawn at manufacturers recommendations for distribution rates. Do not apply more than recommended as this too can cause shock to the lawn and will not help the lawn whatsoever. Ensure the fertiliser is watered into the lawn straight after application.

Watering: - check the reticulation watering times for the lawn, and ensure the grass is getting enough water for the season. A large divot can be dug from the lawn with the use of a garden spade, this will allow you to check deep into the soil profile to ensure the soil is moist throughout. If the soil is at all dry in the first 30cm of depth, then reticulation times should be increased. Lawn watering should always be done in the morning.

Lawn Mowing: - begin more regular mowing at the first signs of seeding, the cutting of the leaf will prompt the lawn to use it's energy to repair the mowed grass leaf first, and to stop using it's energy to seed. This also has the added benefits or removing the seed heads more frequently for the comfort of people and pets, but will also make mowing much easier as the grass catcher won't become so heavy during mowing.

repairing damaged buffalo grass lawns
the buffalo lawn care site
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the buffalo lawn care site

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