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Buffalo Grass Seed

Modern Buffalo grasses can seem like an expensive lawn choice, which leads many potential buyers to look for Buffalo grass seed to grow their new lawn from, which seems like it should equate to a lower cost to start a new lawn.

Buying Buffalo Grass Seed

Buffalo grass has always been an extremely poor turf to grow from seed, which is why Buffalo grass has always been grown on turf farms and then sold in the form of roll on lawn or in plug trays which contain small immature Buffalo grass plants. Even on turf farms, the new buffalo grass crop is grown from runners left in the ground from the previous harvest and is not grown from seed.

In most cases, the returns from sowing buffalo seed are so low that the probability of getting any type of worthwhile result using this method would take a very long time unless the sowing method were undertaken using a very large quantity of seed.

So the only real methods to grow a new modern Soft Buffalo lawn is to use roll on lawn, plant runners or to plant sprigs of Buffalo grass called Plugs.

Besides this, all the best modern soft buffalo grasses are licensed under proprietary license and with this in mind, if the homeowner does indeed find any Buffalo grass seed for sale, it would only ever be a poorer, older style Buffalo lawn type, and if purchased and grown, would only ever result in very poor propagation and a lower quality of turf than other modern Buffalo types.

Saving Money On A New Buffalo Grass Lawn

For those people who want a new Soft Buffalo lawn but are on a limited budget, or simply do not wish to spend the extra money to buy the roll on lawn, there are other options to reduce this cost. Read more at Low Cost Methods of Planting a New Buffalo Lawn.

But sadly, this does not include growing Buffalo grass from seed.

repairing damaged buffalo grass lawns
the buffalo lawn care site
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the buffalo lawn care site

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