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Buffalo Grass Wear and Tear

Wear and tear tolerance for buffalo grass is another of the important factors which homeowners will need to consider when choosing a new buffalo grass lawn. From these studies we will see how each of the buffalo grasses perform when exposed to wear and tear treatments.

Wear and tear will be of importance to homeowners who are expecting their new lawn to be subjected to regular heavy traffic, such as a lot of play from kids, walkways across lawns, cars being regularly driven over lawns and so forth.

If such factors are not of high concern to the homeowner - then choosing a buffalo grass based on other quality factors should be of their highest priority.

The numbers in the following chart represent the percentage of bare ground which was exposed after ongoing wear treatments in this trial. Therefore the lowest numbers represent the turf type which is withstanding or repairing from wear and tear the greatest.

Sir Walter

Conclusion - Best Buffalo Grass For Wear and Tear

Matilda is the clear winner in the wear and tear trials by a large margin.

This was followed by Shademaster, Sir Walter and Palmetto, with Sapphire in last place.

Therefore, if we are planting a new buffalo lawn which is expected to undergo high levels of traffic, then Matilda would be the first choice for these requirements.

In further discussion of wear and tear trials, we must speculate as to what degree the speed of growth of the different grass types plays a factor in these results. It is easy to imagine that a faster growing grass would more readily and speedily repair after wear than a slower growing grass type would. And with these thoughts, we believe this may be a factor in these results - because the repair rates in these trials are very similar to the growth rates per grass type as is displayed in the 80% water reduction trials in the drought tolerance studies. So by cross referencing these two studies, we can see similar patterns of growth - which is equal to repair rates after damage between the two studies, and each corresponding buffalo grass type.

Regardless, the results of this study stands… and for home buffalo lawns which are expected to experience high levels of traffic, then Matilda buffalo is the first choice.

Buffalo Grass Research:
Independent Buffalo Research was conducted by HAL and Qld Dept of Primary Industries, and sponsored by all major buffalo grass license holders in Australia... Read More...

How Did We Work Out The Wear and Tear Data:
We took all 10 test results for buffalo wear and tear tolerance from the single plot site where these studies were undertaken, which was at Redlands Research Station, Queensland, and then averaged these results to provide true test result figures.

reviews of popular buffalo grass brands
the buffalo lawn care site
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