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Matilda Buffalo

Matilda buffalo is another of the quality soft leaf buffalo grasses for sale in Australia. A relative newcomer onto the market, Matilda has some unique traits to add to the mix of buffalo grasses for sale today.

So let's take a brief look and overview of another of Australia's newer buffalo lawn types. The following information is based on independent buffalo grass research sponsored by all buffalo grass license holders in Australia.

Best Traits

Matilda buffalo is best regarded for its high wear and tear ratings, meaning Matilda is a good choice of buffalo for lawns which are expected to undergo higher than normal traffic levels, whether that be from kids, adults, bikes, pets etc.

Therefore Matilda will withstand wear very well, and repair itself from damage very quickly.

Matilda performed well in shade tolerance trials falling just below the winner, being Sapphire.

Colour ratings for Matilda also performed well, falling just behind the winner, being Sir Walter.

Drought tolerance and recovery also worked out well for Matilda.

Good Traits

Matilda seems to be a buffalo grass which has some good quality characteristics, and then some not so good characteristics, there doesn't seem to be too much middle ground with this grass.

Worst Traits

Matilda didn't perform well in thatch or seeding ratings. Developing more thatch when grown in full sun when compared to partial shade. Matilda also appears to be a faster growing buffalo, which obviously aids greatly in its quick repair capabilities, but may mean more mowing.

Unique Characteristics

The most unique characteristic for Matilda is its dwarf nature. This simply means Matilda has thinner stems and runners than other buffalo grasses. The dwarf nature of Matilda, or other dwarf buffalo grasses has no bearing on any aspect related to growth or quality patterns, which derive from turf breeding.

History Of Matilda Buffalo

Matilda buffalo was selectively bred from the old Shademaster buffalo to gain improvements in quality factors for this new buffalo grass. In this respect, Matilda can be considered as a brother plant to Sir Walter, which was also selectively bred from the old Shademaster buffalo.

Matilda - Recommendations

Based on independent buffalo grass research studies, we consider Matilda to be a premium soft buffalo grass, equal amongst it peers for quality, and with its own unique strengths.

Matilda Buffalo is therefore recommended for consideration when choosing a new buffalo lawn.

Is Matilda The Best Lawn For My Home

When considering any new buffalo lawn, we recommend reading our Ultimate Buffalo Grass Review, as well as our accompanying Buffalo Grass Quality Ratings to discover the true quality ratings of the more popular buffalo grasses being sold in Australia today, in comparison to each other.

Buffalo Grass Research:
Independent Buffalo Research was conducted by HAL and Qld Dept of Primary Industries, and sponsored by all major buffalo grass license holders in Australia... Read More...

comparing popular buffalo lawn brands
the buffalo lawn care site
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