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Shademaster Buffalo

Shademaster was one of the earliest soft buffalo grasses that went on sale in Australia in the 1990's, at which time it was considered a pretty good soft buffalo grass, but which is now probably better suited to retirement these days when there are far better soft buffalo grasses to choose from.

So let's take a brief look and overview of another of Australia's soft buffalo lawn types. The following information is based on independent buffalo grass research sponsored by all buffalo grass license holders in Australia.

Best Traits

Shademaster is a slower growing buffalo grass, which will require less lawn mowing and maintenance than most other buffalo types.

Good Traits

Shademaster returned decent results for wear and tear ratings, coming second behind Matilda.

Shademaster held the middle ground for shade ratings, tying for third place with Sir Walter.

Worst Traits

Shademaster performed very badly for thatch ratings in full sun, and only moderately for thatch in partial shade conditions.

Shademaster consistently holds poorer colour than its competitors in all conditions, and was shown to turn purple during winter in cooler climates.

Shademaster did not perform well in drought tolerance or recovery.

Shademaster did not perform well in seeding trials.

History of Shademaster Buffalo

Shademaster is a generic budget buffalo which was first developed on a NSW turf farm in the 1990's, and quickly picked up some popularity at a time when buffalo grass was almost wiped out as a home lawn option. Shademaster then went on to be the parent plant for newer buffalo grasses, including Sir Walter and Matilda, which both became big improvements over the old grass.

Unlike Palmetto, which was also developed early on amongst the new soft buffalo grasses, the quality of Palmetto is still unsurpassed amongst its competitors, while Shademaster has almost faded away amongst a raft of new superior soft buffalo grasses, and was mainly undone from its poor thatch and colour traits.

Shademaster - Recommendations

Based on independent buffalo grass research studies, we don't consider Shademaster to be a premium soft buffalo grass, and therefore could probably not recommend it when its compared amongst far better buffalo grasses which are now available.

For anyone needing a budget buffalo, we would therefore recommend to choose a superior buffalo grass, and to either plant the grass out in sections, or to plant out from runners to achieve a lower cost buffalo lawn of a far higher quality.

Is Shademaster The Best Lawn For My Home

When considering any new buffalo lawn, we recommend reading our Ultimate Buffalo Grass Review, as well as our accompanying Buffalo Grass Quality Ratings to discover the true quality ratings of the more popular buffalo grasses being sold in Australia today, in comparison to each other.

Buffalo Grass Research:
Independent Buffalo Research was conducted by HAL and Qld Dept of Primary Industries, and sponsored by all major buffalo grass license holders in Australia... Read More...

comparing popular buffalo lawn brands
the buffalo lawn care site
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