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Kill Paspalum in Buffalo Grass

Killing Paspalum in Buffalo grass can be extremely difficult, this is due to the fact that most herbicides formulated for killing Paspalum will also kill Buffalo grass.

Paspalum is one of those awful weeds that looks extremely ugly in home lawns, and to make matters worse, Paspalum is an extremely robust plant and a nuisance for all lawn types, not just for Buffalo grass.

So while owners of other lawn types do have some control options for Paspalum in the form of selective herbicides, Buffalo grass (and Kikuyu + Saltene) lawn owners are left to find alternative options to remove this weed from their home lawns.

With this in mind, Paspalum should be treated as soon as possible after it has been identified in a Buffalo lawn, and before it becomes established or multiplies out of control, which would eventually lead to a lot more hard work for the homeowner.

Methods Of Killing Paspalum In Buffalo Grass

Sharp Knife
Using a small knife, the Paspalum weeds are individually cut off below the crown (base) of the plant. There's no need to remove the roots, as the roots cannot regrow once the crown has been removed. With a little practice, this can be a very quick method of weed removal for small infestations.

A small, sharp serrated knife has been found to work best for hand weeding lawns.

Hand Weeding Tool
A small hand weeding tool can also be used to remove each Paspalum weed from the Buffalo lawn.

Spot Treatment with Weed Killer
This method involves carefully applying a small amount of Glyphosate weed killer onto each Paspalum weed - the Glyphosate then kills the weed slowly over 1-2 weeks.

Dilute the Glyphosate in a small wide based and stable container (an ice-cream container is usually good), then dip a paintbrush (up to 4cm wide) into the herbicide and carefully paint the weed the the Glyphosate, being very careful not to spill any onto the surrounding lawn.

Do not mow the lawn for 1 week after application, and keep children and pets off treated areas for at least a day.

Warning: Glyphosate is a broad spectrum herbicide, it will kill almost any plant it comes into contact with - including the home lawn, so be sure to use carefully at all times!

Professional Paspalum Weed Spraying

If all this seems like too much time and hard work, then sometimes it really is the best option to make a phone call to the experts.

A professional weed spraying contractor has both knowledge and can purchase herbicides which the general public cannot access due to legal restrictions. A professional weed spraying contractor should be able to successfully spray for Paspalum weeds in Buffalo grass with excellent results.

controlling and killing buffalo lawn weeds
the buffalo lawn care site
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