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Can I Grow Buffalo Grass From Seed

All new roll on lawns can be an expensive option for many people, especially when we begin talking about new lawns for larger areas to be turfed. Buffalo grass is no exception to this rule, and can sometimes be more expensive than other grass types such as Couch and Zoysia. But even within these same price differences between grass types, we can also see that some brands of buffalo grass can be more expensive than others, which has more to do with the massive advertising budgets of some of the more aggressively advertised and marketed buffalo grass brands than anything else to do with the quality of the product.

For many people who are looking to cut these costs of a new lawn, they will look at options to planting their new lawn with grass seed rather than buying roll on turf from the farm.

So the million dollar question is… can buffalo grass be grown from seed?

Can Buffalo Grass Be Grown From Seed

The short answer is no… and yes… sort of…

Sound confusing? It probably does, so lets explain…

Buffalo grass is notoriously bad at growing from seed, this is why we cannot find buffalo grass seed for sale, not only in Australia, but also around the world as well.

This is also why buffalo turf farmers will never harvest their entire crop of buffalo grass, but will always leave strips of turf left behind for the new crop of buffalo grass to grow from.

In this respect, buffalo grass cannot be grown from seed either by the turf farmer or the homeowner with any degree of success, so will therefore be a waste of time to even attempt it.

Next comes turf breeders, and we'll discuss them in the next section.

Turf Breeders Growing Buffalo From Seed

Some turf breeders do indeed breed and grow new buffalo grasses from seed during their development and breeding cycle, but its very rare.

They do this with massive quantities of seed which is often selected and blended and then planted in these same large quantities in order to obtain a few new grass plants for further selection. This is real buffalo grass turf breeding and we're only aware of a single brand of buffalo grass developed and sold in Australia today which was bred in this manner, which is Sapphire.

Instead, due to the difficulties involved in buffalo turf breeding based on the difficulties of breeding and growing this grass from seed, most buffalo grasses which are claimed to have been bred were instead "selected" amongst naturally growing variants.

What this means is that the new buffalo grass naturally developed different characteristics on its own as it adapted to different growing conditions, and then some people who saw these differences removed and isolated the differing buffalo grass, gave it a brand name and then told the nation that the grass was bred for this and that quality, and bred for Australia etc etc etc

Interesting, isn't it.

The grass simply adapted itself to new growing conditions.


Can I Grow Buffalo Grass From Seed

I included the story of the buffalo turf breeders not to insult anyone, because all these guys know the truth anyways, and no one in the turf industry thinks anything different, they all know the truth too. Its only the advertising from "some" grass companies which are claiming something contrary to the general public.

The story of buffalo turf breeding was simply to show just how difficult it is for anyone to grow buffalo grass from seed.

The homeowner can't do it - its too difficult.

The turf farmer can't do it - its too difficult, and would be too expensive and time consuming.

Most buffalo turf breeders can't do it - its too difficult for most of them too.

In fact, only a real turf breeder could ever pull this feat off, and has also been done with some buffalo grasses which were developed in the U.S.

So for the homeowner wanting to grow a new buffalo grass lawn from seed, they would be best to look at other low cost options to grow a new buffalo grass lawn from either buffalo runners or from buffalo plugs. Growing a new buffalo lawn from seed is just too difficult.

installing and caring for new buffalo lawns
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